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Tree ground Prep

Good tree ground prep

Good tree ground prep

Good tree ground prep


This is exactly what we want your tree ground to look like.  This ground was broke the spring before we planted! 1 YEAR IN ADVANCE! We cannot stress how important it is to break your ground one year before you plan on planting!

bad tree ground prep

Good tree ground prep

Good tree ground prep


BAD tree ground.  This ground was broke once in the spring.  The trees were not planted here.  If we get to your ground and it looks like this you will be waiting one more year to plant!


A) In the bad photo above, the clumpy soil creates air pockets which will cause the roots to dry out and kill the trees. If we show up to a planting site and it look like this we will NOT be planting the trees!!!

B) The best time to start working your ground, is the spring BEFORE the planting will happen

C) Till it again in the spring before we come out to plant the trees. DO NOT plant a crop where the trees are going to be planted. It will compete for moisture with the trees.

D) The ground should be worked 4” to 8” in depth.

E) Weeds need to be dealt with BEFORE we come out to plant and also BEFORE we lay the fabric down.

F) Fabric does not lay well with vegetation holding it up. You need to work the ground around the trees to keep the soil loose and weed free for fabric installation, or the fabric will NOT be installed.

G) The better that the site is worked up, the better the chance of the trees surviving.

H) Planting into sod is not recommended. It is more difficult to do and leaves the trees fighting with the grass for valuable moisture.