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Spring Creek watershed




The Upper Spring Creek Watershed is available to help with the implementation of conservation practices. Fall is the perfect time to sit down with us and plan for the spring. If you need water in a pasture, we can help you both financially and technically. Some producers in our area have already seen improvements in their herd due to new water sources, cross fencing, and the use of grazing plans. Cover Crops are another popular practice we may assist with. Cover Crops are great for grazing and they are also beneficial for soil health providing diversity and ground cover. Another common practice we help implement is forage and bio-mass plantings. We can assist in creating mixes for both grazing or hay. The Watershed Program covers about 60% of costs depending on the practice leaving the producer to cover the other 40%. Please note: Before a practice is started, the producer must have a signed contract in place with the Dunn County Soil Conservation District to be eligible for cost share.