A small, roundheaded, low branched tree which may reach a height of 12-16 feet and spread on favorable sites. It is native to Manchuria, Siberia and Korea. White to pink flowers appear in May followed by the small edible fruit which ripens in July and August. Apricot


American Plum

A thicket-forming, thorny, medium to tall shrub reaching 8-12 feet in height on favorable sites. White flowers appear in early May followed by edible yellow or red plums of variable size in late summer and fall.

Amur Chokecherry

An Asian specie reaching 18 to 30 feet in height, 12 to 20 feet in spread, that performs best in the cooler climates of climatic zones 3 to 5. It is used ornamentally as a small landscape or patio tree due to its attractive, peeling, copper colored bark and in conservation plantings for its fruit and cold hardiness. Amur chokecherry is non-suckering and grown in a single to multi-stemmed form. Numerous white flower racemes in May. Fruit ripening is the earliest of the bird cherries, late June to early July in central North Dakota.

Amur Maple

A large, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree native to northern Asia which may reach 15-20 feet in height and spread. Noted for its attractive autumn color of yellow, orange, or red.

Mayday Cherry

Mayday Cherry is a prairie classic. A favorite specimen tree on prairie homesteads, it's known for its early blooming and fragrant white flowers. Birds love the small black berries, giving this tree it's alternate name of Bird Cherry.

Midwest Crabapple

A small to medium sized, roundheaded tree reaching a height of 15 to 25 feet. It is native from northeastern Asia to northern China. White flowers appear in May followed by the ¼" to ½" yellow or red fruits in October.

Russian Olive

A dense, low branched, large shrub or small tree reaching 25 feet in height on favorable sites, native to Eurasia. Silver colored persistent fruit is an important winter food for game birds. Tolerant of alkaline and dry soils.

Ussurian Pear

A small to medium, roundheaded tree, often branching low to the ground, reaching a height of 25 to 35 feet. White flowers appear in May followed by a small greenish-yellow fruit in fall. Native to Northeastern Asia.