We have 2 Chevy pick ups that we use for soil testing.  They are both equipted with inside soil testing probes.  We go down in the ground roughly 26 inches.  If you would like to soil test you will need to come in to the office and go over you maps with us.  We will need you to tell us what was planted there and what you are going to plant.  You will also need to sign a agreement.  We need to know all this information by OCTOBER 15th. If you contact us after that date or want spring testing done it will cost a extra $40 per field!

Pricing goes as followed:

  • $45.00 basic fee 0-100 acre field
  • $60.00 basic fee 101-200 acre field
  • $75.00 basic fee 201+ acre field

Additional Charges:

  • $1.00 postage charge per field
  • $20.00 small grain crop test
  • $25.00 row crop test
  • $38.00 complete analysis
  • Other lab fees may be applied for other tests

We also do Oil Field Testing:

  • $500.00 per oilfield location site (20 probe max)
  • $300.00 for additional testing around the area


All Prices Subject to change!