• 15 ft. wide
  • 7.5 in spacing
  • Seeds grass or small grains
  • Has a fertilizer box
  • A 150 horsepower tractor is recommended but a 100 hp is the minimum needed
  • Has 3 boxes.  Can seed Alfalfa and oats at 2 seperate rates.
  • If the drill breaks down, the District wil fix or pay for fixing, unless negligence issue.




  • $100 Deposit
  • $7.00 per acre ($100 minimum)


How to get the Drill:

  • Call us or stop by and we will send you a packet or help you fill out the paperwork.  The packet contains a rental agreement.  We will also need a copy of your maps with the fields highlighted that you will be using the drill on.
  • We need $100 down payment.  When the sheet is returned to the office within 2 weeks after use we shred the check.
  • We need a check right away for estimated acres
  • You are responsible tp go and get the drill from the previous location.
  • We also rent to other counties, but you will have to bring it back to Dunn County.  Also Dunn County residents are our priority.

All prices subject to change!