Land Roller

Land Roller.jpg

The Ag Shield Land Roller is 30 ft wide when using for field work.  It is 10 ft in transport mode.  You will need a 3/4 ton pick up to pull it and it also has a clevis hitch which you will need to provide your own pin for.  To use the land roller you will need at least a 150 horsepower tractor.  If you plan on using the blade the recommended speed is 4 mph.  If you go any faster the blade will not work.  With out the blade you can go 10-12 mph.  If you are going to be using the bladed on grass covered mounds you will need to go over the ground twice.  The land roller can also be used to knock down residue such as corn and Sunflower stocks.  We also have had a few producers use it before the seed their hay crop.  The roller costs $5 per acre with a $500 deposit.  The deposit will be returned if the land roller was used properly and paperwork is returned in a timely manner.