App Description Platform Cost
ArcGIS_app.png  ArcGIS is a great way to use and discover maps.  You can use your location and find out information about what you see.  You can find interesting information, areas of interest, measure distances and share the map with others. iOS & Android Free
 Google_earth_app.png Google Earth use this app to fly around the world using the tip of your finger.  Explore all different areas such as fields and pastures even homesteads.  Look for road, places, photos and more.  Even look at the places in 3-D. iOS & Android Free
 AGRIplot.png AGRIplot lets you plot anywhere on a map.  You can walk around you property and add landmarks and put pins any where on the map.  It will automatically calculate the area enclosed by the points and give you the distance between the points.  You can even take pictures of the land iOS & Android $0.99
soilweb.jpg  SoilWeb is a USDA-NRCS soil survey information app.  Your phone's GPS works with the app to identify soil properties anywhere in the lower 48 states where there is phone service iOS & Android Free
 weather_channel.png The weather Channel has a great app available for checking the weather.  It gives you great weather tools to help you plan your day, week and even hour. iOS & Android Free
kfyrtv.png  KFYR-TV WX is a must have app for the local farmer/rancher.  It has great features such as radar, 10 day forecasts, daily forecasts, and even sends you important alerts for you area!  This is a highly recommend app! iOS & Android Free
 agweb.png AgWeb give you the latest agribusiness news and advise.  you can read ag blogs, news and articles from a trusted source. iOS & Android Free
 DTN.png Farm Manager allows you to share information on your crops with other farmers in the region and track you agriculture trends in the area by looking at picture of other farmers crops iOS & Android Free
agphd.png  Ag PhD has 4 different apps to help you out.  They are Ag PhD Field Guide App, Ag PhD Fertilizer Removal by Crop, Ag PhD Planting Population, and Ag PhD Harvest Loss Calculator.  All seem very informative iOS & Android Free
Spray_guide.png  Spray guide will assist you with most of your spraying needs.  This app will help you keep logs with a stopwatch and let you record the date, temp, wind speed and directions and conditions.  You also have the ability to make tank mixes based on the selected products.  You also can email share them. iOS & Android Free
teejet.png  SpraySelect will help you decide what proper spray tip that you should you.  All you have to do is enter the spacing, speed, your target rate, drop size category, and then a list of tips will appear that will work for you to use. iOS & Android Free
 IDweed.png ID Weeds is a great way to search for weeds by there common names or Latin names.  You also can view a list of weeds or even identify them by a number of characteristics.  Detail about each weed will be presented with a picture. iOS & Android Free
Icon_Leafsnap.jpg  Leafsnap HD has a bunch of different pictures of leaves to help you identify you tree species.  Along with that is also displays pictures of leaves, flowers, fruits, petiole, seeds, and bark. iOs Free
 BCS.png Beef Cow BCS offers you the ability to photograph your cows and compare them with reference photos of cows that have the correct body scores from 1 to 9.  A must have for record keeping!! iOS & Android Free
 bCM.png Beef Market Central  brings to you market reports including live cattle, feeder cattle, energy and crop inputs (corn, soybeans, wheat) 10 minute delayed quotes and cattle industry news iOS & Android Free
 BCEPDS.jpg Beef Cattle EPDs is a very easy app to use.  It has all the latested breed average EPD's from Angus, Charolais, Chianina Gelbvieh, Hereford, Limousin, Maine Anjou, Red Angus, Shorthorn, and Simmental.  It also have a EPD definitions iOS & Android Free
 CMM.jpg Cattle Market Mobile helps cattle producers monitor current auction prices across the United States.  iOS & Android Free
 BL.png Bubble Level is a very covenant way help you level. iOS & Android Free
CBC.png  Cattle Breeding Calculator can calculate Service, Return and Calving dates for your cattle.  This is a very helpful app to the rancher. iOS & Android Free